Today at Yoga, All I Thought about was Yoga

I’ve always had a hard time staying present and not letting my mind wander while I’m on my yoga mat. I get distracted from my practice with thoughts about classes, plans to get things done and everything I worry about during the day. But tonight at my hot yoga class I totally “blissed out”. Sure my mind wandered a bit to the people around me and how steadily they stood in horse while I wobbled on my toes and to my friend on her yoga mat next to me who’s been practicing yoga for a hell of a lot longer than I have, but at least I was in the room and I was keeping in tune with my body in relation to where other people were.

But at many points during the class I managed to temporarily keep my mind from wandering at all. As I leaned into my downward dog I was able to focus my attention to the way my toes were pushing into the mat, the strength in my flat back, and the way I was balanced nicely between my hands and feet, grounded on both ends.

Tonight the instructor focused the class on the first chakra, the grounding  chakra (Muladhar). Centering my practice tonight on the specific topic really allowed me to focus my mind during my practice and I ended the class feeling grounded in both body and mind.

Tonight I was reminded why I practice yoga, and it gave me that last push I needed to finally start this damn blog already.



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