Downward Dog-In-My-Face

I don’t always find the time to make it to a yoga class at a studio or at my gym so on days that I don’t get my butt to a class I try to at least do a few poses at home. I have floor to ceiling mirrors for closet doors so it’s actually kind of nice to practice poses without anyone between me and the mirror; I can really watch and correct my form, not to mention there’s no one else there to see me messing up!
No one else, that is, except for my one year old, rambunctious mini-dachshund puppy! He loves to use poses like Downward Facing Dog as an opportunity to attack my face with doggy-kisses. He also likes to jump up and rest his paws on my face while I’m in poses like Dancer so that he can, surprise surprise, attack my face with kisses; TOTALLY knocking me off balance every time.
When he’s not attacking me with kisses until I can’t breathe he’s usually grabbing his toys and intentionally shoving them underneath my dresser where he can’t reach them. Why would he do that, you ask? So that he can whine until I come over, get on my hands and knees and get them out for him–basically he is a weapon of distraction.
It’s hard to focus on my me time with distractions like this but I try to just to use it as an “extra challenge” to stay focused (and to stay patient with my mischievous puppy). Sometimes because of my puppy or my phone or my roommates or every other distraction that lingers at my house I end up deciding to finish a little earlier than I had intended or just skipping my savasana. It’s sort of a bummer when I feel like I’m “giving up early” so instead of dwelling on quitting I try to just focus on how adorable my puppy is and how much I care about him. That usually helps, I know I can come back to my mat later if I need to, but puppy time is even more important than me time.
Anyone have any suggestions for dealing with distractions when you’re practicing yoga at home?


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