I’ve Learned to Let Go

I’m a rather atypical yogi in ways. Some ways are really obvious, such as when I had a mowhawk and sometimes wore it gelled up to yoga class. Other ways are more subtle, like when I have hardcore music playing in my car as I pull up to a yoga studio.

I listen to a lot of metal and hardcore music–not exactly the kind of stuff that people play in a yoga class. But when I made my own yoga playlist to use when I practiced at home I ended up adding a few instrumental songs like “An Interlude” by Atreyu and “Even Bad Men Love Their Mothers” by Emarosa. They actually flowed great with the other more yoga-typical tracks that I added and they made my smile when they came up in the middle of an at home yoga sesh because they fit so well I could have played them at a studio without anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary.

But then one day I lost my beloved iPod, Olive Oil. I was crushed! I didn’t know what to do without being able to listen to my music! Luckily my brother had an old nano he could loan me and his taste in music is pretty similar to mine anyway,

A few days later I rolled my yoga mat out across the floor in my room and reached for his iPod. Only then did it hit me that my perfected yoga playlist was gone along with my old iPod. But I had been hooked all day on a pop-punk-hardcore band called A Day To Remember and I realized that I was still kinda in the mood to listen to them. I shrugged, hit play and started my practice.

A lot of people who listen to ADTR use their songs as workout music because the pop-punk is upbeat and fun while the hardcore parts are energizing and aggressive. While this is not exactly what you would look for in yoga “workout” music, I thought it was a nice change. Because it’s something that I really LOVE to listen to I just went with it and it was actually really fun.

If you don’t typically listen to hardcore or heavy music then I’m not saying you would enjoy practicing yoga to it the way that I do, but perhaps there’s music you listen to that doesn’t exactly jive with a yoga class, have you ever tried practicing to it?

Anyway, as I was finishing up I was laying across my leg in pigeon when a line from an ADTR song (not the one that was playing right at that moment, sadly) popped into my head. The line was opening to the song The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle: “I’ve learned to let go.” As I relaxed into the pose I realized that perhaps the reason so many people say it is a very emotional pose is because you have to completely let go of all tension in order to really experience the pose fully. If you have things on your mind that are bothering you it’s nearly impossible to achieve the level of release needed to melt into the floor over your leg. Laying there on my mat I let all of those things on my mind come up, I acknowledged them, and then sent them away.

I learned to let go.


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