Let’s Talk About “Resolutions”…

Last year my only “resolution” of sorts was that I wanted to be able to do Crow Pose (Bakasana), which is obviously more of a “goal” than it is a resolution so it was kinda awkward to explain to people what my resolution was… But a little ways into 2012 I was reading the blog Daily Downward Dog (one of my favorite yoga blogs) and found a post from the beginning of the year about making doing New Years Intentions instead of resolutions–I thought, “What a better way to explain it!”

I also loved how the word “intention” has so much less pressure riding on it than the weight that comes with RESOLUTION (it’s just a word that always sounds like it’s in all caps and bold, right? So intimidating.) For me the idea of an intention implies that the act of trying is more important than the end goal whereas a resolution is about resolving, or finishing something. I don’t know about you, but “New Years Intentions” just jive better with my idea of yoga as a continual practice and it seemed like a better label for my goals off the mat as well, so I made the switch.

To update you all, over the summer I accomplished my intention of taking flight in crow pose and I was sooo ecstatic, (I’m sure many yogis know the feeling). And then a week later I couldn’t get my toes off the ground. There’s another reason I dig “Intention” over “Resolution”, just because you made it into a pose once doesn’t mean that you’ve reached the finish line, every single time you set up for a pose–any pose, even seemingly simple poses like Warrior or Mountain–you have to work into it, you have to relax your shoulders and realign your hips or whatever the pose calls for your body to do. You never truly “resolve” yoga, it’s a perpetual practice.

I did continue to work on Crow pose and there were a lot of days when I wish I was counting seconds because I was up on my hands so long it felt like a full minute, and there were still days where my toes bounce on and off the ground, but even on those bouncy days I felt like I’d accomplished my intention because I was still trying and I had proven that I had it in me–and that was a great feeling.

So, for the ommtastic 2013 (I was really amused when I realized I every time I write the date I can turn the 3 into an Om–I’m a nerd!), my intention for my yoga practice is duhduhduhduhduhduhduh Headstand! Yep, I’m reaching i a little higher this year… with my toes that is! (I’m a dork.)

So what are your 2013 Intentions (or resolutions, if I haven’t converted you to the lighter side)? I’ve found It helps to share goals with other people, even anonymously over the internet. =)


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