Shower Solutions


Ever since I began practicing hot yoga I’ve struggled with the issue of showering. I LOVE to take showers and take one basically everyday, but because of hot and bikram yoga I did let it get my number of daily showers get out of control for a little while there.

The problem is that my hair gets very greasy even just overnight so I had to shower every morning so that I didn’t look too much like a dirty hippie but if I went to a night class I had to shower after that too so I didn’t FEEL too much like a dirty hippie. Lets not even go into how many showers I’d take when doing “doubles”.

At first it was great because I love feeling clean, but after awhile I started to feel like too much of my day was spent in the shower and that I was wasting far too much water. Skipping showers except for after sweaty yoga classes had just one major hang up: my greasy, grimy hair.

I tried a few no wash hairsprays and many of them worked okay but they all seemed to get used up quite quickly and they were quite expensive so I was hoping for a more economic solution..

What did I eventually figure out with the help of a friend? The active ingredient in dry shampoo sprays is baby powder! You can puff a little in your hair and work it through with your fingers to get rid of that “greasy” look between showers. Too much leaves you with skunk stripes or staticky hair but with a little experimenting you can find the right technique for your hair. And the good news is that it’s cheap so you don’t have to worry about going through it too fast!

Any other showering solution suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well 🙂


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