I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Written About Crow Pose Yet

ImageI guess I thought I’d already written a post specifically about Crow Pose (Bakasana) because it’s always been one of my favorite poses for a lot of different reasons. For this post I suppose I’ll start with the beginning to explain why.

Three summers ago a very manly friend from Texas invited me to go to yoga with him. I was very surprised when I first learned that he went to yoga regularly and I was very interested to check it out.

He did warn me that I should probably bring a towel because I would want to shower after, however, he did NOT tell me that it was a level two class and heated to 95 degrees!

Despite the intensity of the class and an instructor who was unwilling to wait for an obvious beginner, I enjoyed the heat and the movement as I trailed behind in drooping Chatarangas and rounded down dogs.

Through the entire class the instructor slowed down enough to demonstrate only a single pose: Bakasana–Crow pose. She moved into a crouch with her fingers spread wide and reached for the mat before smoothly rocking right onto her hands and lifting her feet lightly into the air. It hardly seemed like the weight of her knees was even resting on her upper arms, she was just floating. For a brief moment she paused suspended like this to demonstrate her steady balance in the pose, but quickly rolled out and encouraged the students to follow her example–OR, with a glance in my direction, to simply rest in Childs Pose (Balasana) if they preferred. I smiled shying at the suggestion as I watched those around me take flight, and then sunk into a sloppy Childs Pose.

I specifically remember thinking “I will NEVER be able to do that.”

Less than a year later (but not that much less) I made it into Crow Pose for the very first time. I realized by then just how many incredible and simply baffling poses there are to get into in yoga that can make Crow Pose seem bland in comparison. But every time I discover a new challenging pose I try to remember what I learned from my journey to and beyond Crow Pose; I remind myself what it was like when I thought of Bakasana in that unattainable way–and also what it was like when I finally accomplished something that I once thought impossible.


One thought on “I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Written About Crow Pose Yet

  1. I can totally relate!! I didn’t learn crow until AFTER my teacher training. I had a fear of either falling on my face or falling on my ass. With practice and dedication, I did it. Never give up on yourself.. Ever!

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