So I Can Sorta Do a Headstand…

headstandThe title really says it all… Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana–technically “supported headstand” because my arms/hands are still touching the ground) was my new years intention for 2013.

Obviously we’re already into the fourth month of 2014, so talk of last years new years resolutions seems a little too late…

But! I actually could “sorta do a headstand” in 2013 too!!

Sometime in late December I finally understood what Chandra meant when she said “and maybe someday you’re feet will start to feel light.” I could definitely get my feet off the ground just fine, and I could pretty much stay balanced with them raising upwards… but I couldn’t get them straight up in the air–not even sort of. So technically I was still balancing on my head for a few seconds, and could stay there balancing–but just not with my feet all the way up.

I was really hoping that I could put off writing about this long enough to get rid of that “sort of” part so I could say definitely, definitely that I CAN do a headstand… but I haven’t made enough time for yoga over the past few months… so sadly I’m still dragging around that “sort of” with me.

So why give in and write about it now? Well, at the beginning of 2013 Headstand wasn’t even close to being a sort of, and there’s a reason for that–a reason that I learned even by only being able to “sort of” do a headstand.

When I first started trying–back around 2012 when I was practicing with Chandra in the back of a bookstore every Monday–I put all of my focus and my energy and my determination into making my feet “feel light” to get up into the air.

The reason I couldn’t do a headstand, and probably the reason I can’t do a lot of things, is that sometimes I focus too much on the goal itself instead of how to get there.

This became instantly clear when instead of focusing on my feet I finally focused on making sure my back and body was perfectly aligned and supported by my head…

…and then I finally (sort of) did a headstand.



4/21: i CAN do a headstand!!!!


3 thoughts on “So I Can Sorta Do a Headstand…

    • It seems so simple as soon as it clicks, right? =) I want to work on handstand next but I can only slowly raise up into headstand–I never kick up–and that’s just not gonna work for a handstand lol

      • I think slowly coming up is better than kicking up. It’s easier in the neck. A colleague of mine can go from DownDog to headstand like its nothing! Lol it takes a lot of control and practice.

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