So… I’m going to teach yoga..

2d8e7f45a114bced03206683252fc149This emoji, with the big dots for eyes and all of his teeth showing in a wide grimace (a face that seems to say “yikes”), is definitely my favorite and most used emotive. It’s useful in texts where you want to convey that you have a sense of nervousness, awkwardness, or apprehension about what you’re saying.

And of course all three of those apply here. Because while yoga is a huge part of my life and I have absolutely dreamed of taking it that huge step further, I’m nervous that I’m awkward and apprehensive about my abilities.

I mean, who wants to learn yoga from someone who can’t even get into flying pigeon or bird of paradise?

Obviously that’s ridiculous because I have had many beloved teachers who had limitations and were still developing in their own practice.. Yet when it comes to myself I tend to want perfection. I don’t want to do anything dumb, misinform anyone, give anyone the wrong idea or experience… and I want people to like taking my classes the way that I look forward to classes with my own favorite instructors. I’m worried that my voice is too quiet and shaky and that I will ramble and jumble up my words. I’m worried that I’ll fall trying to demonstrate a balancing pose or forget to keep my own hips level in three legged dog. The list of fears goes on and on..

But last night, with the support of my boyfriend, I have decided to take the necessary steps in order to teach yoga at the gym where I work at the front desk. While this is equal parts exciting and terrifying, I think the biggest hurdle will be getting over worrying about what people will think about me teaching yoga.. So I thought a good place to start would be to announce it semi-publicly here.



One thought on “So… I’m going to teach yoga..

  1. Paraphrasing some wise person in history: “Do not let the noises of the world distract from your inner peace”. Be honest about your intentions and let your light so shine!

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