So… I Finally Taught my 1st Yoga Class…

afd7133c347004d406454c3f3de787b5…at home…to just my boyfriend…and our dog. So obviously it doesn’t “really” count, but it’s a start! Without a studio here in Iowa to call “ours” yet and our hectic work/life schedules, I offered a few months ago to lead some yoga sessions at home between studio sessions… and was too timid to ever follow through with it.

But when I registered for YogaFit Level 1 last week I knew that it was now or never, if I couldn’t instruct my own partner through yoga poses in the privacy of our own house then how the hell was I going to do it in front of a class of strangers?! (Or worse–in front of the other trainees at YogaFit who will obviously notice if I’m acting lame!!)

So last Tuesday, I finally pulled out my special leather notebook (that I have been intermittently jotting yoga sequencing notes in for about a year now–I knew I’d need it eventually) and put it to good use. It was bedtime and had been a stressful month for us, so I just turned to a restorative bedtime sequence I copied out of Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine.

It was weird leading a yoga session for my boyfriend because he had no problem ignoring my cues and  doing things like dropping into child’s pose unprompted (I was going there next already, I swear!!!) and I also knew he would pick up on all of the lines that I clearly “recycled” from some of our past yoga teachers (imitation is the highest form of flattery–right?). But honestly as soon as we got through that first “class” I felt a wall break down inside, and the next session I was inspired to create my own original sequence and my voice was so much clearer. My boyfriend agreed that he even liked the new sequence better than the first one I taught (success!!).

I know have a lot to work on to refine my OWN voice and my own style of teaching, but I’m definitely making progress. And I am so thankful that I am able to practice like this before actually going through teacher training, I’m not sure what I would do without the love and support (and feedback) from my wonderful boyfriend!!

So I guess the next step: let our roommate participate in my private yoga sessions? lol =)


2 thoughts on “So… I Finally Taught my 1st Yoga Class…

  1. This is great! My boyfriend was also my first student. You gotta start somewhere, right? Just keep practicing and believing in yourself. Connect with your passion of yoga and you will be amazing. Good luck on your journey!

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